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Sounds Like Music is an underground and urban music website dedicated to bringing the sounds of todays generation to the Internet public. The company is based in London, UK, and was conceived in the mid 1990's but took some time to publish due to the proprietors having other commitments in their busy schedules. The team behind this website portal concentrate mainly on UK Drum 'n' Bass, House 'n' Garage, R 'n' B, Hip Hop and Bashment dubplates from all over the world. We have links in all of these musical genres that will help provide concise and comprehensive information that stretches the imagination of visitors and gives insight into compositions, composers, vendors and callaborators of the music that the youngsters of today are growing up in and around. We are focussed on bringing the latest information, the hottest gossip on the key players, the number one tunes and venue listings that are unparalleled by any other site on the Internet.

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